My mini-me who I influenced into joining the Marines is now headed to Afghanistan
  1. I'm terrified
    I'm not his father but it doesn't lessen my feeling of responsibility
  2. I gave him my knife
    I carried it in Bosnia, S.America, Kosovo...etc. He has to bring it home. That's how I make the word "worry" a noun that is tangible to demand its return
  3. I'm so goddamn proud
  4. He's too smart
    I remember my time in and I was an idiot. He knows what is happening and where he's going
  5. I hate the enemy I fought deeper than I imagined I could because it is now involving the kids we never intended to finish the job
  6. I love this kid and hoping this will be a breeze
  7. Trump.
    A real estate ego maniac is making decisions for this boy's life
  8. I see me in him.
  9. God bless the United States. God bless the USMC.
  10. Go do what needs to be done.