Yes, even on Thanksgiving.
  1. Drove five hours without an issue
  2. Listened to political pontification on the radio and now I know everything. Everything.
  3. Winston making Theodore take it to the face. Good for you, Winston. Stand up for yourself.
  4. Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving.
  5. Walks with Dad
  6. This room that has beer, reclining seats, surround sound Bose speakers and enough books to wait out an apocalypse
  7. SEC Bowl games
  8. The privilege to feed people tomorrow morning downtown
  9. My Twitter pals. All amazing.
  10. Crystal Hot Sauce survived my backpack so I don't choke on Mom's turkey
    (Sorry Mom)
  11. Brian finding a tomato bar
  12. Our forward deployed service men and women taking it to the enemy
  13. People who use their voice for change
  14. My 6 year old boots
  15. My family
  16. You