Just my daily dose of being grateful
  1. I can still bench 220.
    Did it morning and didn't get trapped on the bench
  2. Spent all day at an ortho/spine surgery center. So happy for smart dedicated doctors
    I was working. Not a patient. There's another gratitude check
  3. Buffalo chicken wraps.
    I said that yesterday. I mean it
  4. This badass $5 crockpot find
  5. Might have a new investor for an APP idea I am creating.
    You need it
  6. The laugh I got from an $8 children's menu
  7. Took a break and listened to the wind and trees without hearing cars
  8. The USMC
    Just a nod to say thanks
  9. Beer
  10. Squats.
    All squats. All day
  11. You