Just noting what I don't take for granted
  1. The weekend with my folks
  2. Long reflective walks with Dad on trails we used to run on as a kid
  3. Car serviced and find out there were recalls and they fixed for free!
    One was an airbag that kills you. There should be a B movie of irony about that
  4. Found a lot of pictures I never knew existed and so many holiday posts will have visual aids
    "What the fuck is this?"
  5. My Dad retired and gave me so many cool ties
  6. Talking with someone I think a lot about
  7. Found a picture of my high school prom and my date who still, to this day, is a close friend.
  8. Three days of NPR holiday stories
  9. Almonds
  10. Watched The Empire Strikes Back with Dad.
    To the day, in 1982, we both saw it in the theater.
  11. You