My daily list
  1. The rebranding of starbursts for Christmas
  2. Ginger ale trees
  3. Sold a huge account and the trouble account that almost ended my career last weekend emailed and wants to meet tomorrow
  4. I read two chapters of Huck Finn to Binx and she fell asleep last night
  5. Some one constantly makes my day
  6. Listened to Talking Heads and they reminded me why I'm liberal but not stupid
  7. I'm at dinner with someone who talks about his wife and that is cool
  8. I get to hang with my best friend, Dad, tomorrow.
  9. Tim Ferriss
  10. The chance to meet "Jinx" James Donald, a highly decorated Vietnam pilot and CIA pilot. Bought him a steak dinner and a beer. Wish I served with him.
  11. Talked to my Grandmother today
  12. Saw a bird feed her young this morning
  13. Hugged 7 people
  14. You