Photos On My Phone In October. I Don't Know

Everyone has these pics. Some they don't recall
  1. I was at a bar with these two guys. Both retired Marines. They thought I was "Albino Killer". Hm
  2. You can't see her and I didn't want to the guy to try another pic but that is the Rosemary Harris who played May Parker in 2002 Spiderman.
  3. My buddy got into his haunted attraction and we made 30 of these. I have one in my trunk now. Maybe I should take that out.
  4. Went to a real Voodoo shop. My buddy Travis refused to enter. I don't mess with voodoo either. Who do?
  5. I witnessed the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. Argues the case for the existence of God.
  6. My good buddy moved back to Ohio. Already miss that kid. Good luck Vineet!
  7. This island has the best font
  8. Binx has proven to be the sweetest Halloween cat of all times.
  9. I was on the Nerd Lunch podcast and I now know why podcasters use headphones and not earbuds. I couldn't hear shit and it reflected in my appearance . Lessons learned.
  10. They came and they left. No Echto Cooler to be found any more
  11. This was forgotten about in my glovebox. Do they still call it a glovebox?