Podcasts I listen to

I love podcasts and it's one recourse that has changed my life for the better
  1. The Tim Ferriss Show
    One of the best interviewers and author of the best seller, 4 Hour Work Week. This will make you better at everything.
  2. Mark Divine: The Unbeatable Mind
    This one is a favorite and will also make you better. He operates at 1000% and shares tips and motivation to make you absolutely Unbeatable
  3. The School of Greatness
    Mark Howes is a hero of mine. This guy is one of the best motivators and dares to always ask, "why not?". Welcome to his school of greatness.
  4. Jocko Willink
    This guy is intense. A highly decorated Navy Seal and his intelligent cohost, Echo, teaches the art of grit and discipline. I just started this one but it's already improved my life. Honestly, it's the grind that sharpens the ax. Never forget that.
  5. The New Man PODCAST Tripp Lanier
    In my opinion, everyone needs a coach at some point in their career. Tripp is a professional life coach and a brilliant interviewer. He adds much needed advice all men need when it comes to career, life, relationships, and goals.
  6. The Purple Stuff
    My buds Jay and Matt host a podcast that is like an actual time machine. They are funny and endearing and if you love pop culture with nods to holidays, this one is a must. Love these guys.
  7. The Nerd Lunch
    Jeeg, Pax, CT and the ever rotating fourth chair! This is the one you need to listen to if you love pop culture. These guys host amazing people and the topics and discussions are entertaining, well thought out, the show has an great flow that is very informative. Also, I was on it. That said, make sure you check out the Star Wars Drill Downs.
  8. What are some of yours? Let me know and I will give it a listen! Have a wonderful day!
  9. Oh! Branded in the 80's!
    How could I forget Branded in the 80's? Shaun's is the master of VHS and all things from my childhood. Love this podcast and that dude.