Things I do
  1. Hang out with these three who destroy stuffed animals and spread its guts all over the lawn
  2. Light stuff on fire
    I like pine cones
  3. Laundry. Oh so much laundry
  4. Watch five episode of Good Eats and go to the grocery store to recreate something Alton makes look way too easy
    And usually fail horribly
  5. Swing by my bar and watch some football, tell dumb recaps of my week to the old dudes
  6. Read three newspapers and bitch about the world to my cat
    She's a republican and thinks I'm dumb
  7. Walk around the 'hood and name ten things I'm thankful for
  8. Go to Sam's and eat samples
  9. Online shop and end up down the YouTube rabbit hole
  10. Get suckered into going out to some restaurant or bar with friends
  11. Reread some old article on my favorite sites in bed, some show on the TV as background noise with tea
  12. Wake up at three to find the remote to turn off the Tv