It happens every week
  1. Pretend it's Tuesday
  2. If you have a recurring Monday morning meeting, bring donuts so you can always fall back on the fact you brought donuts if it's a bad meeting
  3. Plan on a fun lunch
    Thai is fun. Or Vietnamese and you can mispronounce Phó to the server
  4. DVR your favorite shows and save them for Monday night. ALF was always on Monday for a reason. Then it moved to Thursday.
  5. Download a productivity app and try it out all day.
  6. Make a plan to accomplish something for the week and plan it out to completion
  7. Say five things you are grateful for and let that lead you through the day no matter how tough it is
  8. Listen to a motivational podcast (see a few lists below)
  9. Remember how awesome you are and ever day should be lived as if it's a chapter in the greatest book ever written!