New Years and beyond: The good decisions
  1. Getting an iPad Pro instead of a Surface
  2. Eating 5x veggies to meat
  3. Not buying new boots
    Just replacing soles
  4. Saying no to MTV's Room Raiders
    In 2004. Or maybe 05?
  5. Getting into podcasts
  6. Not taking that "Net" marketing job
    Found out it's tits up as of November
  7. Not telling my boss he's an inept idiot of highest form
  8. Adding Binx to the mix
  9. Joining the Army
  10. Forcing myself to read
    Created a habit and love
  11. Becoming a morning person
  12. Talking to Dad ever day even if it's just to check in
  13. Adopting dogs
  14. Being thankful for everything
  15. Meeting other bloggers and internet friends
  16. Not marrying a certain girl
  17. Not dating another certain girl anymore
  18. Following and reading Tim Ferriss
  19. Valuing time more than possessions
  20. Valuing people more than what they can offer me
  21. I'll have more...