In no particular order
  1. Taken while driving home
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  2. Found a peach that looks like the peach emoji 🍑
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  3. Taken in the morning
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  4. My dog yawning
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  5. A really cool colored sunset
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  6. This was the first meal I had breaking my vegetarianism. I am now obsessed with chic fil a
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  7. First time on the west coast, I didn't know this picture was being taken.
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  8. Thought I was going to fall off the side of the mountain.
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  9. Koi fish at THE best Chinese place
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  10. The pink/orange in this sunset is one of my favorite colors
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  11. Taken at my friend's dock
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  12. I was really calm and comfortable when I took thia
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  13. Took this in Tennessee, the air was so clean
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  14. Found this in a thrift store, the idea of it made me so nostalgic of something I've never had
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  15. Sun peeking through the clouds
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