For long meetings and periods of staring at your monitor.
  1. I write bestselling novels. I make millions, and then get to quit my job. I promptly buy an ocean view house on Bainbridge Island, Washington with dogs and lots of room for guests.
  2. I move to the UK, and get a job working as a private secretary for the Royal Family. Duchess Catherine and I become good friends and run together through Hyde Park in the mornings.
  3. Shonda Rimes reads one of my blog posts and is so impressed by my quick wit and composed narratives that she hires me to be a writer for "Scandal". Kerry Washington and I have frequent lunches together.
  4. I gain the ability to speak, read, and understand all languages with native fluency. I get a fancy job at the State Dept or United Nations. I live in a beautiful Georgetown townhome and I get invited to Elizabeth Warren's home for brunch.
  5. I inherit a vast sum from an undisclosed relative. I use my newly acquired wealth to travel the world. I end up writing special articles for National Geographic about my travels, and the animal sanctuaries I help set up. A tiger, who I nicknamed Hobbes, at the sanctuary and I bond. I finally get to hug a tiger without risking critical injury.