In honor of Rebecca Ann Marie Penelope Elspeth Noreen Desdemona Liebing
  1. Brittany Spaniel: They are sweet, friendly, energetic gingers. One sympathizes. They're good with kids and other dogs. They can run but also relax at home. When I get a dog, it will probably be this one.
  2. Saint Bernard: Nostalgia may be the reason I choose this, since I grew up with one, but they are just enormous piles of love. Plus the puppies are obscenely cute. If their lifespans and health were better, I would absolutely have another.
  3. Australian Cattle Dog: Also a dog that I had as a young man. They are smart, good natured dogs that herd children at barbecues and it makes me laugh. Also it's like having your own little dingo. I would totally own another one.
  4. Pembroke Welsh Corgi: I have to include the favorite of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Their fluffy little bodies are too adorable, but they are a little regal at the same time. Plus they look like they are wearing pantaloons.
  5. Shiba Inu: These little Japanese foxes are clean and adorable. Granted they are total princesses (looking at you, Juno) but I love them anyways. Definitely a dog with catlike tendencies. I would absolutely get one l, but I'm afraid it would think I wasn't worth it's precious time.
  6. Collie: Yes, the Lassie dog. These are such friendly, handsome dogs. Apparently they are one of the most sweet natured dogs you can get. They also seem like a dog that can be both tough and fancy. I just don't want to brush out that magnificent fur ruff.
  7. Springer Spaniel: I love these sweet dogs. They are like a combination of the energetic Brittany with the sweet appearance of a Cocker Spaniel. I love their fluffy ears and liver/white fur spotting. They're not super common either, so it's always fun to see one.
  8. Airedale Terrier: This is one of the most English looking dogs you can get. I feel like I would need to name one Archibald or something. They don't shed, but are pretty intense to train and aren't the best with other dogs. I still love the look of them though.
  9. Siberian Husky: The look of a wolf with the personality of a clown. These are sweet dogs, but they have SO MUCH ENERGY. Also they are pack dogs, so I feel like I would need to have like five of them for them to be happy. Also they shed like a motherfucker.
  10. Dalmatian: I think these dogs are so handsome. Also, I do imagine a Roger/Anita Pongo/Perdita meet cute happening to me if I had one. They are hyper dogs that need so much attention that it would be impossible to have one unless I could stay home with it all of the time.