1. your dimples
  2. how you sound when you laugh
  3. the shape of your mouth
  4. the fact you love old junky things like I do
  5. how you know EVERYTHING
  6. your hands
  7. the way you wrap yourself around me when we sleep
  8. "just like that?" "just like that."
  9. your face in general
  10. the way your voice sounds when you talk and vape at the same time
  11. the fact you call me your girl
  12. the way you look when you sleep
  13. you have the same weird sense of humor I do
  14. your sharp mind and your soft heart
  15. how thoughtful you are
  16. the way you sing under your breath in the car along to Johnny Cash
  17. your eyelashes
  18. how self-motivated and responsible you are
  19. how you make it impossible for me to stay mad at you even i should
  20. the way you say "fuck"
  21. how good you fuck
  22. the way you always talk about us in future tense like you plan on keeping me around for a long time
  23. how you can just fucking fix everything
  24. the hair on your chest
  25. how genuine and unabashedly yourself you are
  26. the fact I can have a conversation with you about political and social issues and I don't want to kill you
  27. how nice your skin is
  28. how you trust me with the things you don't tell everyone
  29. the fact you send me videos and pictures of dogs all the time
  30. how much time you like spending with me
  31. the way you kiss and how it feels like I'm home