Requested by Lucy

Most iconic Desperate Housewives moments

  1. The Hurricane
    OMG such drama. Such wind. Such emotion. Pure class episode tbh.
  2. Every Angie Bolan Moment
  3. Mike's death
    Ridiculous tragic, it made the viewer care about Teri Hatcher for the first time.
  4. When Susan is caught naked
    This is only good when you know that Teri Hatcher pleaded with them to let her strip.
  5. The Hostage Sitch
    THIS is so TENSE. Honestly one of the best TV Eps of anything ever.
  6. Edie's Death
    I loved Edie, shame Nicolette had to piss Marc Cherry off. No one crosses him.
  7. The Christmas Crash
    This was such a good episode too, who knew who was going to live or die?! Thankfully Orson got his just deserts.
  8. The Progressive Dinner
    Is there anything more middle class than a progressive dinner murder.
  9. Every time Gaby is a queen
    Eva is my everything.