My first time here, so i thought i should start by introducing myself
  1. My name is brady
  2. I'm 20 years old
  3. I'm happily engaged to kristian zaragosa
  4. My firstborn daughter will join the world on june 6th
  5. I'm working for AT&T as a premise technician (I give you internet and TV)
  6. My past times are:
    Videogames, organizing/cleaning, some sports, music, and sleeping.
  7. Not much of a religious person
  8. Donald trump and hillary clinton will be the end of america 😂
  9. I love dogs
    Anyone selling golden retriever puppies? I would like my daughter to have one throughout her childhood.
  10. I'm from the DFW area in texas.
  11. My music varies, from country to rock to edm, and everything in between.
  12. Technology and innovation are probably the most interesting things in the world to me.
  13. Philosophy is pretty cool too.