These are the best sandwiches I've eaten in NYC (Will be updated as I find more delicious sandwiches)
  1. #77, Sunny and Annie's Bodega, East Village
    aka @LevNovak's new favorite thing /// must be noted that the "PHO Real" (hot version) is basically tied with this in deliciousness, and it just depends on what flavors you're in the mood for
  2. Elena's roasted turkey sandwich, The Sandwich Shoppe, west village
    extra herbal mayo and BYO Louisianna hot sauce for extra pleasure
  3. Tuna Melt, Eisenberg's, flatiron :(
  4. Harissa honey roasted chicken, The Smile, noho
  5. Falafel sandwich, Taïm, west vill or soho
  6. Oyster po boy, Cheeky Sandiches, LES
  7. Lobster roll, Luke's lobster, east village
    Shrimp roll is probably tied with this but I like lobster more
  8. Porchetta Sandwich, porchetta, east village
  9. Pastrami sandwich, katz, ITS KATZ DELI
  10. Scuttlebutt, Saltie's, wburg
  11. Pork banh mi, banh Mi Saigon, little Italy
  12. Bacon egg and cheese on an everything bagel, tie between tompkins Square Bagels and the deli across the street from it called 10th street deli, east village
    Both of these are better than black seed bagel, but black seed has pizza bagels after 10 pm so I don't know they kind of win with that
  13. Smoked fish sandwich, Russ and daughters, LES
  14. Morning Wood sandwich, The Wheelhouse, bushwick
  15. Palace fried chicken (rodeo style), Fritzl's lunch box, Bushwick
    But if you're in Manhattan just go to Bob White Counter in Alphabet city
  16. The Godfather, John's Deli, Gravesend
    I only found this place because I got really lost on the subway and I will probably never go there again but I think about this sandwich at least once a week
  17. Broccoli special, no 7 sub, DUMBO