Co written with @LevNovak
  1. Eaten a Tompkin's Square Bagel sandwich with lox
  2. Had a half-off lunch at Santina, one of Bon Appetite's "20 Best Restaurants in America"
  3. Went to the secret, 80% off Black Denim sample sale
    Lev got jeans, Vera got a dress and a shirt
  4. Drinks!
  5. Joy!
  6. Friendship
  7. Our fashion shoot!!
  8. Vera had this #showerthought: if women are slut-shamed for having sex with men, but men are lauded for having sex with women, then men must find themselves so inconceivably disgusting that they think they would make a woman dirty by having sex with her. so, slut-shaming is really just a reflection of how disgusting men find themselves.
  9. And then Vera thought: if slut shaming is a reflection of how disgusting men find themselves, and if men who find themselves inconceivably disgusting assume all other men are as disgusting as they are, then any homophobic man deeply hates himself, and is incapable of making coherent judgements about other men.
  10. We got stoned