Welcome to Small Claims Court NYC: Because I'm too poor to hire a lawyer.
  1. I am currently owed $7000 (my last paycheck). My former employer also never paid unemployment insurance so IRL I am owed closer to $14,000 because I wasn't able to collect unemployment :(
  2. Since I can't afford a lawyer, the only lawsuit I can afford is small claims, which maxes out at $5k.
  3. My court date is today (I filed my complaint 5 months ago obv), it starts at 6:30. They told me to show up an hour early.
  4. I show up at 530. I have to wait outside the courtroom for the next hour.
  5. All of the benches outside the courtroom are taken
  6. There are no outlets.
    I want to kill myself.
  7. Here is the line to get into the courtroom. There are 25 cases ahead of me.
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  8. 6:25pm The court room opens early!
  9. 6:26pm There are no seats left in the courtroom
  10. 6:27pm a police officer has kindly pointed out that there is one seat open on the bench in the front row.
    "Right between the woman with the baby and the guy to her left." The baby is definitely going to cry tonight and the man on her left (my future left) is legitimately eating sushi.
  11. 6:29pm court hasn't started and the judge called me out for being on my phone
    "Excuse me miss in the front row, no photos" fine
  12. 6:30pm ITS STARTING
  13. 6:40pm Attendance is still being called
  14. I'm starving
  15. Someone is suing bergdorfs TELL ME MORE
    Don't though
  16. Hahahahahaha one of my old coworkers is here
    He's not here to sue our old employer, but he does hope our old employer rots in hell. If I wasn't so atheist I would agree.
  17. God this is so boring
  18. Everyone is studying their evidence meanwhile ~I~ am studying YOUR MOM
  20. My former employer did not show up/send anybody, which is what I expected, but i was still really hoping to lock eyes with a stranger I despise
  21. I have been sent to another room where there are 2 vending machines and some other ppl whose opponents didn't show up.
  22. The vending machines are broken
  23. "Do they take credit cards?" asks a girl wearing a goddamned wildfox sweatshirt
    I'm not in the mood
  24. "Try it," I say, hoping i at least get to see someone get their credit card stuck in a vending machine today
  25. The woman behind me is letting everyone know she's a journalist and is here all the time because she works with environmentalists and nonprofits
  26. Some asshole is eating a snack at the volume of 20 fucking thousand windows shattering at once
    Probably sunchips
  27. 7:17pm the journalist is asking everybody questions
    Please don't talk to me
  28. 7:20pm I re read the part in the small claims court guide that says a no show defendant means you just have to wait around for hours until someone talks to you. Basically this room is the same thing as the court room except 30 feet to the left
  29. 7:29pm Jesus Christ how long before someone talks to me
  30. 7:30pm thinking about my student loans
  31. 7:31pm regret
  32. 7:34pm wondering if seamless will deliver here
  34. Text my sister to ask about college (she's a freshman)
    No response
  35. Text my boyfriend to ask what it's like in the outside world
    No response
  36. Text @LevNovak to ask about :::the ladiez::::
    He's the only one who responds. I LOVE YOU LEVY
  37. 7:47pm no one here has talked to me yet
  38. 8:11pm I've texted 5 more people
    No responses
  39. This
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  40. TGI brought my Mophie power charge station! ⚡️
  41. 9:30pm the journalist found me
  42. I lie to the journalist about my career because for the first time in my life I don't want to talk to another writer about writing
    Never thought the day would come that I DIDNT want to talk about myself
  43. 10:17pm IT'S MY TURN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  44. I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  45. Now I have to wait for a letter in the mail to tell me I formally won.
  46. Then I have to wait for my former employer to "decide" to send me $5000
  47. When they don't, I have to call small claims and they will put me in touch with a "Marshall" who will "force" the dark side to give up all of their money. Jk that's not what happens when you're poor. They will still owe me $9000 that I will never get. Forever.
  48. Thank you for reading
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