I remember dreading clothes shopping (looking) with my Mother when I was younger and I've had to come up with a more adult way of dealing with lots looking/shopping for clothes. Here's where I am at today for how to amuse myself:
  1. Smile and tell her to take her time.
  2. Walk toward the men's stuff.
    Nothing annoys a person more than a tag along—give people some space.
  3. Begin with shirts.
  4. Then look at active wear.
  5. Shorts first then pants.
  6. Try stuff on.
  7. Find the right size on those pants.
  8. Select 2-3 items to purchase—there's always underwear you can buy.
  9. Glance over the household goods.
    You never know if you need another cast iron skillet.
  10. Look back over the shirts and pants and then find your mate to compare selections.
  11. Be encouraging on her purchases.
  12. Then, check your phone for social media updates while she tries on more stuff.
  13. Buy the items and be happy.