Childhood Crushes

I'm only going to list my celebrity chronological order.
  1. Shaun Cassidy. The Da Do Run Run singer had me at Da. I remember being so envious of my friend's pink satin jacket with his iron on face on the back.
  2. Ricky Schroeder. The Rickster. I never missed an episode of Silver Spoon.
  3. Rick Springfield. Oh how I wanted to be Jessie's Girl!
  4. Bon, Simon Le Bon. This one is still going. I just saw Duran Duran in Sept and they are still rocking my world!
  5. Andrew McCarthy. We have the same birthday, just 10 years apart. He was the quiet, soft spoken Brat Packer. I even sat through Fresh Horses....
  6. Robert Smith, the Cure's lead singer. Oh, Bob, how I wanted to share some red lipstick with you and go shopping for baggy black sweaters together. You covered my bedroom walls and then my dorm room walls. Sigh.....
  7. Steve Buscemi. Mr Pink in Reservoir Dogs, Seymour in Ghost World. Not your typical crush material, but there's just something very special about him. He shows up in QT movies, Adam Sandler movies, independent films, blockbusters and HBO series. I love this guy!