Movies I’ll Always Watch if They’re on Tv

I watch these movies every time they are on tv, even though I have them on Blu Ray or DVD.
  1. Across the Universe. Great music and so visually inspiring.
  2. Harold and Maude. Hands down my most fave movie of all time.
  3. The Outsiders. Nothing gold can stay except for my love of this movie.
  4. Warriors. Can you dig it?
  5. Mad Max (the original). I am like a deer in headlights when this is on. I don't move.
  6. Anything John Hughes related especially if it's about high schoolers. I'm an 80's child, so duh.
  7. Valley Girl. Oh, how I loved the young Nic Cage in this movie. Plus one of the best soundtracks EVER!
  8. Anything with Bill Murray. And I mean anything.....
  9. Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, True Romance, Grindhouse
  10. Heathers. I'm a Veronica, enough said.
  11. Old School. Because I want to go streaking in the quad....
  12. The Goonies. Hey, you guys!
  13. Juno. Snappy dialogue with interesting characters on top of great acting and quirky music. Better add Garden State to the list for the same reasons.
  14. Moonstuck. Snap out of it!
  15. Fame (the original). What a feeling!
  16. The Way Way Back. Sam Rockwell as a Bill Murray a la Meatballs kind of mentor at a water park, that's all you need to know.
  17. Anything by Baz Lurhmann. I can't look away from all the shiny bits and pieces.
  18. Run, Lola, Run. Yes, even the dubbed version.
  19. Last, but not least: Rocky Horror Picture Show. Tim Curry in fishnets never ever gets old.