spoilers: they're all the mountain goats
  1. on the day i become so forgetful/that all of this melts away/i will burn all the calendars that counted the years down/to such a worthless day
    "twin human highway flares" - the mountain goats
  2. i write down good reasons to freeze to death/in my spiral ring notebook/but down in your arms/in your arms/i am a babbling brook
    "broom people" - the mountain goats
  3. oh would that you would kiss me/with the kisses of your mouth/'cause your mouth is sweeter than wine/and has a more complicated history/than the american south
    "alibi" - the mountain goats
  4. i've got two big hands and a heart pumping blood and a nineteen sixty-seven colt .45 with a busted safety catch
    "going to georgia" - the mountain goats
  5. the most remarkable thing about you standing in the doorway/is that it's you/and that you are standing in the doorway
    "going to georgia" - the mountain goats
  6. life is too short to refrain from eating jam out of the jar
    "jam eater blues" - the mountain goats
  7. you hold my head in your hands/you say my name/how is it that though you say it some twenty-thousand times/it's never quite the same?/and you tell me that hercules died burning consumed by an article of his own clothing/well that's something i'd rather not be reminded of
    "deianara crush" - the mountain goats
  8. people say friends don't destroy one another/what do they know about friends?
    "game shows touch our lives" - the mountain goats