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I've driven way too much over the past two weeks and it's still not over.
  1. Athens, Ga - Demorest, Ga - Athens, Ga
    Wednesday to pick up a trailer.
  2. Athens, Ga - Demorest, Ga - Athens, Ga
    Moved out Friday. (This is my new home)
  3. Athens, Ga - Mountain City, Tn - Athens, Ga
    Saturday and Sunday; gig.
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I think about this once a week.
  1. Gummy bears
  2. Packaging peanuts
  3. Jello
It's not hard to be a person that is a joy to be around. Follow these simple steps to ensure you success.
  1. Think about other people before yourself.
  2. Take time to do nothing and just be.
    Go camping or hiking or to a theme park.
  3. Create stuff.
    Be influenced by the amazing world around us.
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  1. on the list app.
  1. Stop Making Sense - Talking Heads
  2. In the Airplane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel
  3. Oblangle Fizz Y'all - Reptar
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  1. Trento and I playing music.
  2. Bad latte art.
    By yours truly.
  3. At Ciné.
    Kristen and I watched a documentary about an aerial airplane circus from Athens.
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All of these give me the nails on a chalk board feeling.
  1. Cotton balls.
    Taking the cotton ball out of pill bottles is the worst.
  2. Dry sand making that squeaky sound under my feet.
  3. Poor design.
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I need to clear some things up.
  1. Stuffing
    Stuffing is cooked in the turkey. Usually has mushrooms in it. It's a northern thing, and it's gross.
  2. Dressing
    Dressing is not cooked in the turkey, rather in a pan. It contains celery and is cornbread based. Its southern and the best thing about the holiday season. 💯
  1. "Fuck it"
    This applies to all areas of life.
For the actor. For life.
  1. The foundation of acting is the reality of doing.
  2. Acting is behaving truthfully under giving circumstances.
  3. The text is your greatest enemy.
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