Meaningless awards for the Classic City.
  1. Best Hot Dog - HiLo Bar
    The 1908 is hands down the best Chicago dog in the southeast. Not to mention their fries kick ass.
  2. Best Place to Eat Outside - Cali n' Titos
    Come on.. A boat filled with water, loud bass driven music, a freaking parrot. The Cuban sandwich is a classic.
  3. Best Place to Find Old Electroics - Vic's Vintage
    Just go see for yourself.
  4. Best Pulled Pork - Fresh Air
    It tastes just like the legendary BBQ I know and love. My only disappointment is that Terry Gross is never there.
  5. Best Place to Be Near Railroad Tracks - Pulaski Heights Swing
    What's more relaxing than a tree swing and CSX rolling down the line?
  6. Best Shop to Buy Vinyl and a Skateboard - Low Yo Yo Stuff
    I can't think of a better combination.
  7. Best Shop to Buy Vinyl and a Comic Book - Wuxtry
    An equally good combination.
  8. Best Place to Be Stung By a Bee - State Botanical Garden of Georgia
    If you have to be stung, at least make it somewhere beautiful.
  9. Best Guy I Want to Befriend - Michael Lachowski
    Previously of the band Pylon, currently a badass. Runner up - Hugh Acheson.
  10. Best Street - Prince Ave.
    Normaltown. That's all that needs to be said.
  11. Best - The beautiful people who call this place home
    So cheesy.