I've driven way too much over the past two weeks and it's still not over.
  1. Athens, Ga - Demorest, Ga - Athens, Ga
    Wednesday to pick up a trailer.
  2. Athens, Ga - Demorest, Ga - Athens, Ga
    Moved out Friday. (This is my new home)
  3. Athens, Ga - Mountain City, Tn - Athens, Ga
    Saturday and Sunday; gig.
  4. Athens, Ga - Columbus, Ga - Athens, Ga
    Monday and Tuesday; parents needed me to take care of their pup. Came back to Athens because Columbus makes me restless. (I gave her a hair cut)
  5. Athens, Ga - Columbus, Ga - Oxford, Al - Columbus, Ga
    Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday; more gigs.
  6. Columbus, Ga - Lavonia, Ga - Athens, Ga
    To celebrate July 4th and my birthday.
  7. Athens, Ga - Abingdon, Va - State College, PA
    Seeing some friends in a show at Barter Theater, then off to direct State College Community Theatre Academy! (Picture from the month I played Barter)