1. Yoga for moon women
  2. Yoga for sunburnt hair part
  3. Yoga for when you're not sure if you should go out tonight or not
  4. Yoga for when you don't know if you should wear shorts or pants
  5. Yoga for when you are mad at your roommate
  6. Yoga for after eating smoked salmon
  7. Yoga for doing math
  8. Yoga for when you've just had a meal of toothsome beans
  9. Yoga for when you're trying to grow your bangs out
  10. Yoga for when the relationship cannot be determined from the information given
  11. Yoga for when your seasonal allergies make your eyes itchy and rubbing them feels good in the moment but then really makes it worse
  12. Yoga for watching Law & Order: SVU while laying in the fetal position
  13. Yoga for sisters who watch sister wives together
  14. Yoga for when you are cold and tired but have to read a few more chapters oh and you are also kind of hungry maybe
  15. Yoga for when you have had too much raw honey but can't stop bc it is really good
  16. Yoga for when you keep typing toga by accident