I'll send it out to a few friends, feel free to do one!
  1. Music streaming services are really fun & worth using
    As a musician, I bitched for years about making "Spotify pennies." Would not have discovered the joy of using it without making playlists for this app and people I've met on it. Now, I'm even proud of the accidental aesthetic of my playlist cover art. (Look me up on Spotify if you want: askthestars)
  2. The main thing that makes me feel separate from most of my generation is the prevalence of Netflix
    Giphy downsized medium
    My first list on this app was called "Zeitgeisty things that make me feel old and alone" (I started so strong y'all) and it could've just had this as the sole entry. I've had brief time periods of jumping on Netflix to check out something, but it's really not a part of my daily, weekly, or even monthly life and I have learned here just how much its rise has changed EVERYTHING about how we consume, anticipate, intercept, and perceive all media. It touches every corner.
  3. Being popular or liked is a hazard
    More specific lesson within this: People will only ever perceive you as being problematic if 1. You talk a lot, but not about what they like, and 2. They perceive you to have a substantial megaphone that you're not using admirably. That is to say, if you stay very socially careful (play nice and keep your head down) and make yourself little in life and personality, you'll never be called out for anything.
  4. How to talk millennial
    Still won't ever tbh, tbh. But I started leaning into other shorthand and verbal silliness here, along with use of emojis and GIFs as entirely separate languages. I never used those before this app. Remember when I used this emoji all the time, my dudes? 💌 L O L
  5. People really do think in lists
    It was BJ's talking point for creating the app and it really is true as hell.
  6. People are very good at remaking themselves
    Sort of linked to #3 & #4. I don't mean to sound cynical, but I feel I watched a lot of people sort of remake themselves here - begin to talk differently, care about things I suspect they didn't care about when their circa late 2015 selves joined the app. The main proof I have that this is a thing is myself. I'm an example of this. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. Hurt people hurt people
    Loosely knew this already, but being on both sides of the lesson more recently really hammered it into my brain to the point where it's now something I factor into my daily adventures the way people factor in the weather forecast.
  8. That David Bowie had died
    I heard it here first. 👩🏼‍🎤🕯
  9. That passion of all kinds will always move and change people
    Maybe not always in the way one expects.
  10. That there is still room for kindness
    Friends I've met here remind me of it all the time. 💜
  11. I'm trying not to forget anybody who's still active out of the folks I follow, if I'm leaving you out by accident I'M SORRY! Please by all means do a list anyway if you want to!