Thanks for the request, D! Also - sorry that I haven't done any other requests since I started account #3.
  1. 1. I like what I bring to the table with music.
  2. I'm not always happy with my voice, but I know I can sing & I like that I've never tried to mold my voice to intensely emulate someone else - if you hear me speak & then hear me sing, the tones are pretty much the same. Although I can do spot on emulations of a few singers, like Chet Baker. And Kermit.
  3. And I know I write well. It's the only area of my life where I don't need someone else to agree with me that I'm doing ok - I know I'm doing ok. But, with just this and nothing else. 😬
  4. 2. I like my face.
  5. I like that I have a vertical oval head, as opposed to a spherical head. I like my jaw. I like that I can make dimples. I like how I look w/ stubble & full-on facial hair. I mind the acne scars less & less over time, because they make my face look weathered in a way that I think is totally proportionate to the amount of life experience I've had.
  6. 3. I like that I talk only a very minimal amount of shit.
  7. I spent so much of last year listening to a person constantly trash talk literally everyone in her life behind their backs - from her closest friends (even and especially the ones who made it clear they didn't like me) to her church to her mother. I pretended it didn't bother me for a long time, but it really did.
  8. The behavior had the air of someone who, for the sake of fitting in and/or avoiding conflict, is willing to sell out and throw under the bus absolutely anyone she knows. And I'm glad that behavior bothered me, because it served as a gradual reminder that I make an effort, conscious or not, to not do that.
  9. Now, in the age of screenshot callouts, there will always be opportunities to attack and disprove somebody who swears they "never trash talk," so I can't lie and say I never do it. I complain to friends about how my mom makes assumptions (a trait I observe in myself too) or how my friend Marc says offensive shit he shouldn't.
  10. And I've certainly trash talked bullies. But generally speaking, when I'm with someone or a group and the trash talk ball gets passed to me, I tend to set the ball on the ground. And more importantly - I try to make sure that, if I have a problem with someone, I address them directly, and sign my name on the grievance.
    And before you call this whole section a hypocritical exception to that stance, oh believe me - I have communicated this opinion directly to the person in question. ✌🏼
  11. 4. I like that I've almost always gotten along with my parents.
  12. They will always be my favorite people in the world. And while every relationship is different and I'd never judge someone for not getting along with their parents, I'm glad that's not my story. 💜
  13. Thanks again @dreadpiratemama ! I hope some of you guys do your own version of this list, I'd love to see what you love about you.