1. I will remember that this happened.
  2. I will remember what began as a whisper in Springfield and soon carried across the cornfields of Iowa.
  3. I will remember stacks of speechwriting books and my JC writing professor telling me about the rhetoric major at Berkeley.
  4. I will remember telling my parents I wanted to be like Sam Seaborn.
  5. I will remember when my Sonoma County organizer, Ms. Nolan, handed me my first call sheet.
  6. I will remember being on the phone with my dad the moment MSNBC called the election.
  7. I will remember refreshing the Yahoo homepage and seeing the words "OBAMA WINS" for the first time, and taking a photo of the screen.
  8. I will remember the victory speech and Ann Nixon Cooper.
  9. I will remember standing in Sproul Plaza with a crowd of thousands of my fellow students, watching live as he became number 44.
  10. I will remember being fired up.
  11. I will remember "you know I love you back."
  12. I will remember how he shared my anger after Sandy Hook and every other helpless moment in eight long years of violence.
  13. I will remember, and never cease in reminding others, that we are not enemies, but friends.
  14. I will remember the man who reminded me of my mother, who is still a writer and subtle activist, and my father, who was a lawyer and crusader for justice.
  15. I will remember a White House filled to the brim with vibrant, diverse music, true soul.
  16. I will remember that we did and we can.
  17. And I will do my very best, as a son and a brother and a friend and a person, to remember my hope - a hope inspired by a president I have been so fortunate to live to see.
  18. Here's to the hope you gave us, and the new life you breathed into our country, Barack Hussein Obama. You know we love you back.
  19. Static