1. Remember, this is an account followed and cheered on by people that run List.
  2. Hey @bjnovak @dev @Nicholas @jeremysomething @Waz do you see how this latest @flounce list tags specific users? Current Mood Do you see how that's not ok? And if it were to end up that the account was actually started by someone who works for List...do you see how that would be very, VERY not ok?
  3. I don't care about my drama with the first two people that list mentions. I don't care that I'm speaking up about something that isn't even targeting me personally. I care simply because it is NOT OK TO DO THIS. This account should be removed. Take some responsibility for this stuff for once, please.
  4. See? This is what I'm talking about. MY FAVORITE FLOUNCERS OF ALL TIME, RANKED
  5. I've made it clear that things like this affect my mental health. I've made it clear that the first time it happened was on the anniversary of THE DAY MY DAD FUCKING DIED. I've made it clear to List friends that I don't appreciate the support of this kind of behavior via likes or chuckling along. I can't make it anymore clear.
  6. The good friends I have here? Among the greatest people I know. The place itself? Trash.