A transcription of the audio version on bumpers, which is honestly more fun: Feel free to do your own list here or on bumpers, I'd love to know what I'm supposed to call you or not call you!
  1. It's very nice to meet you!
  2. Call me Nathan
  3. Call me Nath
  4. Call me Veshecc
    I don't know why I like it, I just do
  5. Call me dear
  6. Call me darlin but without the 'g'
  7. Call me baby
    "" B-A-B-Y baby
  8. Call me boo or bb
    *ironically, of course*
  9. Call me kid
    Like how they call Prince "The Kid" in Purple Rain, ooo!
  10. Call me you little shit
    I love calling people a little shit, and I love being called a little shit...I don't know what that says about me
  11. I tolerate you calling me Nate
    I don't love Nate, I don't hate Nate - do it if you have to
  12. Don't call me Veshecco
    I've heard it too much in my life
  13. Don't call me Nathaniel
    That is not my name.
  14. Don't call me babe
    Eww! Not even if we're dating
  15. Don't call me on the phone, ever, especially if I don't know you and probably even if I do. Just text me that shit.