Here's the link: *pardon my copy/paste of part of this from the crowdfunding page*
  1. Today I'm launching a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for the completion of a pair of tribute projects in memory of my dad, Mike Veshecco. If you're interested in learning more, first off thank you! It's pretty amazing to just be willing to learn about a crowdfunding campaign, after how many of them we've been inundated with this decade.
  2. A bit more info on my circumstances from the recent past and now present: Thanks to my dad’s careful investments over the years, after he passed away in 2014 I received a gift from him that any creative person would dream of (if not for the circumstances)...
  3. I was able to have the temporary financial security - for nearly three full years - to be able to focus entirely on creative projects, travel, and finally starting a new life chapter for myself out here in southern California, where I’ve been since last December.
  4. The inheritance from dad helped me to launch a few projects in his memory, including a Gannon University scholarship for students with disabilities and also my recent album Coyote Hours (which most of you know about).
  5. There are two more creative projects from the past few years that I haven’t finished yet: The first is a road memoir written in fall of 2014 and early 2015, while I was on my trip out west scattering dad’s ashes in Santa Cruz, Tempe, and many of his other favorite places in the southwest and California.
  6. I reflected on *his* time spent living out west in 2004-2006, wondering what sort of adventures (trouble) he got into while he was out there, where he went, who he met, etc. It became a highly personal piece of writing of which I’m very proud.
  7. Also during that time, I wrote another batch of songs that were all sung from his perspective - again, imagining his adventures out west, and channeling it all through a very 70s, Jackson Browne/Eagles/JD Souther sort of music style that he loved (and that I came to love by hearing it through him).
  8. Now that I’m back out of the bubble of inheritance living and once again sustaining on day jobs and music performances, I thought it would be worth putting together a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the completion of these last two “tribute projects.” Here's the link:
  9. I'm very aware that, in the five years since I last utilized a crowdfunding campaign, life has only become even tougher - and finances for many people even tighter - than they were in the already tough beginning of the 2010's.
  10. Please know that I completely understand how difficult or even impossible it is to both keep yourself/your family afloat AND give to artist friends who are hoping to fund their creative projects.
  11. If you want to contribute something, I assure you that I'll gratefully accept whatever contributions you can afford to make with a dedicated sense of responsibility (both to you and to my dad's memory) and seriousness.
  12. I won't squander your gift or take lightly your enthusiasm. And luckily, even though the goal I've set for the fundraising is LARGE (as there's much to do and pay for to get these projects finished), GoFundMe will send whatever funds are raised even if the full goal isn't met. So any contribution, small or large, helps a great deal!
  13. If you’re curious about the book and want to get a preview, I’ve recorded an audio recitation of one of the chapters on Bumpers:
  14. I’m proud that there is a university scholarship in my dad's name, & I’m proud of Coyote Hours, but I think these last two unfinished tribute projects are very important & will be more in line with dad’s spirit & especially his taste. They are items I think he would’ve really enjoyed reading & hearing. I hope you'll enjoy them too.
  15. Thank you all for reading about my little (big) campaign and especially thank you in advance if you should choose to make a contribution, small or large, toward the goal. It means everything!!
  16. 💜🙏🏼💜🙏🏼💜
    (Father's Day, 2015)
  17. Told a song story on bumpers related to my dad and a prayer book of his I once found:
  18. Today I previewed a song from the tribute album for my dad. It's a song called Another Chateau Ghost:
    It was also my way of kicking off the Bumpers series Request Line - feel free to request a song of mine (or a reasonable cover) and if I perform it, I'll dedicate it to you! And again, if you want to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign for the album and memoir, here's the link:
  19. Thanks for reading and listening, my friends! 💜