1. It feels strange to post a photo of someone you didn't know well, without being able to ask their permission.
  2. But last year, I promised I would never let an August 2nd go by without saying the name Elizabeth Jean-Louise Adams.
  3. Thank you for letting me know you, @biz. Even if only just a little.
  4. I hope you know how many people miss you.
  5. I hope you know you made people feel seen...heard...less lost.
  6. And I hope you don't mind the photo I picked.
  7. ❤️
  8. One beautiful thing today: I read some old Biz lists again, and checked out the comments. So many people here have written to her in the comments over the past year. And not just older Gamma folks, but newer listers too. Always pointing out they never knew her, but that they wish they did. And miss her as if they did. That's really something.