1. This is my favorite screenshot - this comment, which I've been thinking about for weeks. I looked up her list and took the screenshot as soon as I made this account.
  2. They talk about digital souvenirs now - this is certainly one I'll cherish. My last exchange with her.
  3. I've thought about you often in the past six weeks, Biz. I wish you could see the outpouring of love so many of these people sent into the world for you, the flood of lists that came up when I searched your name. I'm proud to have known you, and proud to add my list to the flood.
  4. Thank you for sharing your life here, and for giving us the unforgettable memory of being your friend.
  5. (Today is National Poetry Day, so it's a fitting time to explore or revisit old @biz lists. Even her many lists that weren't poems so often ended up reading like poetry..)