Wish @SpaceCase a Very Happy 25, y'all!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
  1. I still don't quite know how to thank you for your last list, and for how, through good times and bad, you have never hesitated to claim me as your friend.
  2. But I'll tell you what that list made me want to do - it made me nostalgic for that late December when we met, and so I went looking for the list through which I "found" you.
  3. This is the one: TONIGHT:
  4. And it was specifically this section that made me love the way you describe moments. It stirred up a familiar longing I've always had to be a more observational and detail-oriented writer (which is why I'm so drawn to those who have the profound knack for it).
  5. I related to you and your feelings and I heard your shout "into the void" of early List in a truly meaningful way. And then we were friends.
  6. And then you wrote amazing things like The Rooftop, and sometimes you would send things to me privately and I would feel very #blessed (but really though) to be this small audience to your resilient soul.
  7. You went awhile without writing, but if I've learned anything from you, it's that awhile will only ever be awhile, not forever. So when you finally sent me something new to read a few weeks ago, I was so happy that you had gotten in touch with your voice again.
  8. All of this could've been just as easily shared via text or a long email, but in the spirit of how you have always so publicly claimed me - flaws and "hot goss" and all, forever acknowledging the nuance of every human life and the extra beat of patience and understanding every person deserves - I felt it was more fitting to do this publicly too.
  9. You've helped me to keep going. You've encouraged me to *take myself (and this wasteland where we met) less seriously.* But above all else, you've shown me that empathy is what makes someone a Whole Person.™
  10. From one shouter into the void to another, thank you for sending out your call so that I could find you, and thank you being such an important figure in my life. I love you so much.
  11. 💜