A little fight starter inspired by @americson
  1. Coke products
    Here, I even made a GIF of myself! Pepsi and Coke are both full of poison chemicals, but at least I can't taste the chemicals in Coke stuff. Now, did I have a shameful dalliance with Code Red Mountain Dew? I did. I'm not proud. But for the most part, I don't fuck with Pepsi Co.
  2. Cameron Crowe
    I show up for everything this man makes. Doesn't matter if it's getting panned. I was there opening night for Aloha. I got a Showtime subscription for the one and only season of Roadies. For me, even the maligned stuff has value. I'm here for it all.
  3. Michael Jackson
    *Excluding the debate over MJ vs Prince - when it comes down to it, I'm a more dedicated Prince fan. But in all other debates surrounding this man, I am in his corner. I've obviously joined most people with conscience in walking away from people like Cosby and Woody. I don't make apologies for John Lennon and Chuck Berry. But after how everything has unfolded over the years, I don't consider MJ to be in that company.
  4. Foreign cars
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    After an adolescence and early twenties spent inside American clunkers, I became a Toyota driver and now I'll never drive a US car again.
  5. Target
    I'm anti-Walmart and grocery stores stress me out. Target stresses me out too, but least of all, I guess.
  6. The Beatles
    Loyalty comes up in two scenarios: 1. Beatles vs. Stones (please); 2. When I encounter someone who thinks The Beatles are overrated. If there is an "Oh, honey" Mt. Rushmore, sculpt these poor souls' faces into the mountain.
  7. Team Jonathan
    I'm in the minority for this cuz I feel like these days 1 of the main millennial zeitgeist core values is the sort of Kanye-inspired "I have more respect for someone who's openly an asshole than for someone who's a creep or asshole & tries to hide it/fight it." But sorry, that's not how I see things + in my book being a bully will always be a worse offense than being a creep. Fuck Steve. One heroic moment in a pinch doesn't erase being a bully & a sleaze. Jonathan is a flawed but better person.
  8. Hillary Clinton
    I wasn't for her in 2008, but I was proudly for her from the very beginning of the last election cycle. Was never, ever for Bernie. Still don't understand anyone's confidence that he could've possibly gotten the votes. I'm with her. And while we're on the subject...
  9. Democrats
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    Cuz what am I, a monster?
  10. Team White And Gold