Inspired by @mia and dedicated to all the LA dreamers ✨✨✨
  1. Old Topanga Canyon Rd, right around noon
  2. Car parked on the side of the PCH in that sweet spot between Topanga Canyon Blvd and Temescal Canyon Rd
  3. Will Rogers Memorial Park, across from the Beverly Hills Hotel, sitting with turtles and ducks
  4. Chateau Marmont, out in the restaurant, then both of us behind the piano, then someone pointing to a sign that says, "NO CITY OF STARS," then a zoom in on me: "No Hurwitz! Denied!"
  5. Paying respects at Marvin's Room and Sunset Sound
  6. AMOEBA, grinning and shaking my head at you as you push a record into my chest that you're insisting I buy
  7. Hollywood Forever Cemetery, make sure peacocks are walking by in the shot
  8. Masa for deep dish pizza
  9. Permanent Records, Time Travel Mart, Stories
  10. Echo Park, sitting by the Queen of the Angels right as the sun sets, more ducks plus geese
  11. Gardenia open mic, someone dressed very gaudy is singing their heart out, everything is pink
  12. Dresden Room to hear Marty & Elayne
  13. Original Tommy's burgers
  14. New Beverly Cinema, midnight screening of something like The Fog or Wolfen
  15. Canter's on Fairfax
  16. SK Donuts off 3rd - we say they're for tomorrow but they're for now
  17. The Sunset Strip between Fairfax and Vine, late, peaceful
  18. Mulholland Drive, later, peaceful
  19. Topanga Canyon Blvd, later still, peaceful. Parked off to the side. Any view will do. You do a bad Jimmy Stewart and say, "I'll rope the moon for ya." You probably could, too.
  20. Fade on the night sky above the canyon.