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    This is my survivor face - a no filter selfie that shows all of me, even the receding hairline, acne scars, and awkward grin that hides crooked bottom teeth. This is me, still here after everything I've experienced. We've all made jokes recently about surviving the miserable year 2016, but it's no joke that we are all survivors.
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    I'm a survivor of being an "at risk for SIDS" baby, w/ several near-death respiratory failures in the first weeks of my life. I'm a survivor of an eating disorder. I'm a survivor of emotional abuse. I'm a survivor of cyber bullying & a resultant breakdown w/ suicidal ideation. I'm a survivor of the loss of a parent & the accompanying grief from it.
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    And I'm a daily survivor of depression. Overall, I live a very lucky and privileged life. I was raised by smart, interesting parents who loved me. And listing what I've survived isn't meant to be a "but look at all my hardships" whine.
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    I simply feel it's really important for us to take note that we are all SURVIVORS. We are still here, you and I. So if you want to join in and share your survivor face and what you've survived, feel free! But either way, I hope you're proud of yourself for making it this far in your beautiful, precious life. Here's to surviving! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ
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    My survivor face. No filter, no makeup, no product, no hair dye.
    This girl just stopped lying to herself and everything changed. This face has moles, less than it used to because I customized my "beauty marks" to fit a mold that doesn't exist. When I let go, and truly let go, this girl became me. I stopped trying to be sexually attractive to men. Stopped trying to be a hot piece of thick yella-bone as my currency. I just decided to do the hard work to become a person. I survived. Real recognize real. ✌🏽
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    A picture from the day I voted for Hillary Clinton. I was unapologetically female, democrat, liberal, human. It's the same face I will wear this Friday. The same face I will wear everyday. I'm a mentally ill, imperfect, a mother, and a human. And that's ok. In fact that's exactly who I should be. A survivor. ✊️✊️✊️
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    I'm a survivor. I stopped trying to be someone else's ideal. I am a substance abuser 2, almost 3 years ago for the last time I think. I hope. I am fortunate now to be living with authenticity. I love you all for your stories and your truths. It takes courage to survive. This happy face is my survivor face.
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    This is my survivor face- no makeup, no hat or scarf covering my head, just me.
    I have survived sexual, physical, and emotional abuse as a child. I have lived through the death of one of my own children. I was severely physically abused by son's father. I have Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I have lived with major depression most of my life, with one suicide attempt. I have never looked at myself as much if a survivor or even felt particularly strong. It's only in looking back that I realize just how strong I've been.
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