1. Running the long, soft frills of a rug through the gaps between your fingers
  2. The light skipping of crunchy, dry leaves blowing down a sidewalk
  3. A refrigerator that smells like leftover Italian food
  4. Late afternoon sunshine creeping into a space you hadn't realized was chilly and warming your thigh
  5. Swiftly flipping records in a bin with your index finger (the feeling and the sound)
  6. Decent laundry aroma coming from the shoulders of the person you're hugging
  7. Walking barefoot on smooth, warm stones on a beach, just the first minute of it, before it starts to hurt
  8. Anything that feels good for a minute, before it starts to hurt
  9. Resting on two pillows and sliding your hands in between the two
  10. Cream swirling into diner coffee
  11. Orgasms