A supercut of all the simple nice things I've listed on Twitter(List)
  1. Your soda coming to you in an old-fashioned bottle
  2. Realizing you know a drive well enough to stop using GPS
  3. Birds
  4. Stuffed animals
  5. Having a secret handshake
  6. Pink and purple flowers
  7. The right weather for eating outside
  8. Sunny with a light breeze
  9. Watching rabbits hop through grass
  10. Pulling that piece of shit health care bill (and delaying the vote on the new one)
  11. The right temperature for talking on the phone outside
  12. The smell of a candle burning out
  13. Being called "a dear"
  14. Hearing people talk to their pets
  15. Warm socks from the dryer
  16. Having someone play with your hair
  17. Feeding goldfish
  18. Tea
  19. Sticking your hands in sand
  20. Hot car right after AC
  21. AC right after hot car
  22. Summer night crickets
  23. Flirting