1. This is the year of my life where I learned how important it is to have a support system. For the people I'm about to thank, I can't tell you how much your being there has meant to me in 2016, both then and now.
  2. My mom and my sister
    Fought for me through the most difficult chapter of my life.
  3. My therapist
    Knows me well enough to know that I can't handle one of those intense, "gives you homework" therapists and meets me where I am, while still pushing me in the areas where I need to be pushed.
  4. The reverend
    Gave me perspective and a highly sympathetic ear through the worst moments.
  5. My best friend Marc
    Reminded me of what was most important and what I'm here to do. My brother forever.
  6. My other best friend Aaron
    Listened to it all from far away.
  7. Chayt
    Continues to give the best advice of all and makes me laugh while doing so. Often evokes the wisdom of the one and only Katy Perry in our talks. One in a million.
  8. My best friend from List, who has checked on me more times than I can count, and whose tremendous strength throughout her own life gives me perspective and reminds me to whine less (even though she'd never say I'm whining).
  9. Other List friends who have been so great and kind and done so much patient, empathetic reading and listening for so long now, especially @marginally_amazing but also @hannahbee @SpaceCase @celestestelle @sally_lee @audreypalumbo @aurora and others
  10. SO MANY MORE List friends who are great as Listers often are, & I shouldn't tag since I'll end up leaving folks out but let me at least thank the other 2 musketeers @dreadpiratemama & @kaydbug89 along with @karlalucia @Boogie @hillary79 @moonjockey @MissJess @jessilee23 @lexie_elyse @hippiechick @ana @mirthnuts @DanielaM @taylormorley & SO MANY MORE
  11. Kyleen
    My closest OH friend who pulled me out of the house when I wanted to be a hermit and got me in front of people and crowds, both onstage and off. Also her girlfriend Beverly and their friends Jocelyn, Jill, and Georgia.
  12. Christine
    Briefly my "landlord" in CA earlier, who gave me great advice and served as someone who felt a little like family while I was in a strange place and time.
  13. Defended me once, without any expectation that I would see it or know about it.
  14. Sean
    A friend of the reverend's who became, for the first time, someone close to my age I felt I could comfortably talk to about grieving the loss of a parent.
  15. Hillary Clinton
    Our gladiator, whose campaign helped me focus back on what's most important.
  16. Jess
    An old friend who listened.
  17. Ryan and Seth
    Some more old friends who listened.
  18. Prince
  19. Every dog I encountered this year
  20. Amoeba Records
  21. Diet Coke
  22. Reese's peanut butter cups
  23. Pizza
  24. Beer
  25. My mom and sister again
  26. My guitar
  27. I hope that next year I'm a help to others as much as you folks have been a help to me 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼