I sent this out to a few people, but not *everybody* like the previous request cuz I realize it might not be something everyone's up for. Plus I'm tired (see list below). If I didn't send it to you, it doesn't mean you're not my fave! It just means I only spent five minutes sending out requests. So if you wanna do this one, I can't wait to read it!
  1. You wear long sleeves not for comfort, but for opening doors and handling gasoline pumps
  2. Your first list was a ranking of the weasels in Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  3. You love the beach but can't swim
  4. You remain friends with 0.000000000000% of your exes
  5. You cared more about losing trending than you did about losing relist 👀
  6. Your fridge is just a vending machine for Caffeine Free Diet Coke
  7. You only eat two meals a day
  8. Your general bedtime window is 3am-4am
  9. You only set foot in bars when you're being paid to be there
  10. You've made and deleted at least four Instagram accounts since 2012
  11. You have always deeply longed to be married and settled down, yet your decisions of lifestyle, work, relationships, and investment of time don't reflect or lend themselves to such a longing
  12. You love nature but hate the outdoors
  13. You were one of the people who "didn't get Vine"
  14. You are too easily trusting
  15. You took a personal day when Heath Ledger died
  16. You've been the target of at least two List parody accounts
  17. You've seen La La Land at least three times in theatres
  18. You are a loner who knows everybody
  19. You have this weird hairless spot on your thigh where you tried shaving during a sexually experimental moment in middle school
  20. You attended a house party for the series finale of LOST
  21. The most important part of your day is the part where you figure out what album you're gonna listen to in the car
  22. You only started liking Adele's 21 album a year after it came out
  23. You are an open book and "nothing to lose" oversharer in a way that first intrigues, then inspires, then eventually overwhelms and even disgusts some people and this is probably part of why it's so easy for some friends to not just stop being your friend, but actually become enemies - the way you are makes you easy to pull a 180 on
  24. You used to prefer honey BBQ to buffalo flavor Friday's wings from the frozen food section, but like lately you've been coming around to buffalo
  25. Your safe word is problematic
  26. Your safe word is "problematic"
  27. Within the current cultural zeitgeist, you identify as "woke, with some problematic views," but deep down you constantly want to scream at people for acting like there's any other identity to have because we are all flawed and the Woker Than Thou™ game is dangerous and lame and a waste of valuable energy
  28. Your first celebrity encounter was Bobby McFerrin
  29. Your most recent celebrity encounter was Nick Jonas
  30. Your favorite celebrity encounter was Jenny Lewis 😍
  31. You need therapy
  32. You're a big baby about rain, snow, not getting enough sleep, or noise of any kind outside the house/room where you live
  33. Your weekly jean rotation is that you wear the same pair over and over
  34. The point of your insufferable Instagram username is to filter out anyone cynical and snarky enough to find it insufferable, because those are the types of personalities you can't stand
  35. You are Team JC with N Sync and Team who gives a fuck with BSB
  36. The easiest path to your heart usually involves some kind of carb
  37. Everyone assumes your favorite Joni Mitchell album would be Blue but it's Court And Spark
  38. Your ratio of "should've seen this heartbreak coming" to radical hair-dying behavior of significant others is 1:1
  39. Your heritage reality is Italian but your heritage assumption from strangers is Jewish
  40. You rarely edit, revise, or do multiple drafts of your creative work
  41. You don't understand the point of popsicles
  42. Or drinking beer that doesn't taste good
  43. Or Uber
  44. Or Red Box
  45. Or a pizza place where you buy it cold and take it home to cook ??????
  46. You stay away from libertarians, Chipotle, and vodka
  47. Your first crush was the girl mouse from An American Tail
  48. You would be surprised if anyone called you a hipster
  49. Your top emojis are 😂💜😍😊😬🙈✋🏼😘🙏🏼💕
  50. You are too old for emojis but don't care
  51. Your mom once thought you had Tourette's
  52. Once you find out someone doesn't like something about you, you lean into it more to make them crazy
  53. At least one sociopath is camped out on an old List username of yours
  54. You're very conscious of earwax and nose hairs, but completely oblivious to eyebrow maintenance
  55. You look better with stubble than clean-shaven
  56. You said you preferred The Love Below, when you actually preferred Speakerboxxx
  57. You had at least one AIM screen name that referenced a monster from the Godzilla franchise
  58. You own a puppet
  59. Your high school band played a Creed song
  60. And four Third Eye Blind songs
  61. Your heroes are your parents and Marvin Pentz Gaye, Jr.
  62. You are a Divisive Figure™ who is intensely adored by some people and intensely hated by others, and that's been your lifelong experience, but if it were up to you, you'd much prefer to be a "meh" personality who doesn't ruffle feathers or take sides and gets along mildly well with everyone
  63. Your favorite season is autumn
  64. Your favorite time of day is dusk
  65. Your favorite Beatle is George
  66. Your favorite part of the Abbey Road medley is She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
  67. Your favorite Girl is Marnie but you know she sucks and you suck
  68. Your favorite season of The West Wing is season four
  69. Your favorite pizza is boring-ass "give it to me, I'm starving" pepperoni
  70. Your favorite List HQ guy is Dev, but like the honeymoon's over with everybody now so whatever
  71. Your favorite milkshake flavor is peanut butter
  72. Your favorite Prince era is classic Revolution heyday
  73. Your favorite Stranger Things kid is Will
  74. Your favorite Destiny's Child song is Bills, Bills, Bills
  75. Your favorite curse combo for anger is "Fuckin' asshole"
  76. Your favorite curse phrase for joy is "Holy shit!"
  77. Your favorite social media is Instagram
  78. Your favorite way to be feeling is inspired
  79. Your favorite listing style is Feels Listing™
  80. Your favorite List Era is Gamma Season 2 (Jan-Apr 2016)
  81. Your favorite state is CALIFORNIA
  82. Your favorite Gin Blossoms song is Found Out About You
  83. You could honestly keep going because you talk about yourself a whole bunch anyway