I put this 💩 on everything.
  1. Brie
    Without the rind. Pressed in a sourdough bread grilled cheese with honey.
  2. Bleu
    This already tastes phenomenally flavorful when it's cold. But heated...in a grilled cheese? PARTY IN MY MOUTH.
  3. Gouda
    Cut straight from the wheel. No edges. Only smooth, creamy goodness paired with guava paste.
  4. Feta
    In pretty much all salads or in a quinoa bowl with kale, dried cranberries, walnuts or pecans and grilled chicken. I also like to put it on pizza with spinach and mushrooms.
  5. Sharp Cheddar
    White > yellow. Not to brag, but I've eaten an entire block by myself...in one day (read: under an hour).
  6. Mozzarella
    Only in pizza or served by the round caprese-style.
  7. Colby Jack
    Sliced in sandwiches or cubed with grapes. The best thing to come out of this? After you cook pasta, stir in some cubes until they partially melt, add chicken and bbq sauce. My favorite homemade Mac 'n' Cheese!
  8. Goat
    Strictly melted. I like to use it baked in a quiche with onion, spinach and mushrooms. Good on pizza too.
  9. Parmesan
    Grated but prefer shaved on top of pasta or basically every Italian dish.
  10. Havarti
    Never melted. Cold in a turkey or chicken breast sandwich with dill, lettuce, tomatoes and olive oil mayo.