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  1. looking through my drafts is an experience
  2. glad to see grace is still the best one on here
  3. the "_____ posted a list" thing is awful
  4. miss u all and ur political rants and embarrassing stories
  1. hey bitches
  2. this app has gone to hell
  3. ...
  1. when somebody needs something in a room where you're naked in for whatever reason and you have to talk to them through whatever is shielding your body about getting them what they need
  2. alone in an elevator with a stranger (especially of the opposite sex)
  3. customer service over the phone
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  1. every time I post a list
  1. "self-diagnosed" mental illness, particularly depression
  2. god & existence
  3. taste difference between coke and diet coke
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  1. @lesbian is always my first like on all of my lists
  2. that's about it
I want to see y'all do this list somebody copy me
  1. my lists that didn't get the attention they deserved
  2. people I have blocked and why
  3. my lists that I had to debate with myself about posting
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  1. making lists
Inspired by @hpryfogle
  1. correspondence (a fiction) by Levi the Poet
    I swear I'm not a spoken word poetry hipster beanie person I swear but man I like this guy. I just bought tickets to see him in June because I'm a trash can
  2. it's real by real estate
    first heard this song in that movie with the old man called Intern and then it was recommend by a friend
  3. this unruly mess i've made by macklemore and ryan lewis
    I'm genuinely sry about this you can degrade me and tell me I'm a terrible person but,,,, it's good
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