1. with all those chemicals and preservatives, a Twinkie could last years packaged on my pantry shelf
    unfortunately, wrong. twinkies have a healthy shelf life of about 45 days.
  2. people who are awake from the hours of about 1-4:30am are usually always sad
    certainly not. there's something very peaceful and beautiful about the late night silence. breathtaking, even.
  3. art is generated from the creation of suffering in its most earthly form
    no, art is much more beautiful than that. the image of a artist who "suffers for their work" may be real for some, but the greatest artists are the ones who find joy and love in their craft.
  4. the fruit that eve ate in the garden of eden and cursed the world forever was an apple
    the "forbidden fruit," as the Old Testament calls it, is widely assumed to be an apple when this is really never specified.