1. I do not understand how this seems so complicated
  2. for me and all my friends and like literally everyone else I know, about a year ago, it somehow became SUPER FUNNY to make degrading jokes toward one another
  3. and it really was funny, for like six months
  4. and then suddenly it got old, but not for everyone.
  5. a few of us reached the point where we wondered why we thought that was okay, and how it really didn't make us feel good to be treated/treat others the way.
  6. I started making a conscious effort to be nicer to my close friends (random acts of kindness, compliments, encouragement)
  7. but it hasn't spread to others. and still, I find myself naturally teasing my friends just because it's like instinct now
  8. so despite my efforts to love those closest to me and be kind to them and hope it rubs off on them that nice is cool, they still tease each other and tease me. it's not because they don't like me. it's just what we do.
  9. an example is one of my friends that does it all the time, then comes to me and tells me she feels hurt and rather abused by one other friend of ours that does the same thing
  10. and really, that's what it is. it's abuse.
  11. I've learned from being hurt by others that any relationship is about love. it's not friendship if you don't love each other. the teasing has created such a deep division between us all that no one knows how to seal it again and none of us trust each other at all.
  12. so don't even start
  13. be nice to the people you love and never accept anything less than the love you give out.