1. halsey
    besides being hot as hell she's talented and kindhearted and accepting of eeeeeeeeeveryone and that's a beautiful thing
  2. mandy lee of misterwives
    i saw misterwives live in October 2015 and lemme just tell you,,,, THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE IS SO PRECIOUS AND SO GRATEFUL FOR HER FANS AND SHE HAS OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD VOCAL RANGE
  3. melanie martinez
    A GODDESS. respectful to everyone and a clever songwriter. her music is hella weird but the theme elements are so strong and everything works out very great
  4. marina diamandis (is that how u spell it)
    even though I don't listen to a lot of marina and the diamonds I know that her lyrics are thoughtful and her music is exciting and she's beautiful yeah
  5. Florence Welch...for so many reasons💕
    Suggested by @nikkilounoel
  6. St. Vincent
    Brilliant artist, kick ass guitarist, wonderful songwriter.
    Suggested by @MatthewAlmont
  7. Mitski
    My moM
    Suggested by @lesbian