I've just had this on my mind all week
  1. put on a warm hoodie and march ur cute self into the kitchen
  2. get u a pan w/ a tortilla and cheese and butter. also get some steak if you have any because that's always good.
  3. put all the butter ever created on the planet into said pan. melt all butter ever created and spread around.
  4. slap one of ur tortillas on there
  5. dump a truckload of cheese on it. I'm not exaggerating. an actual truck full of cheese *CHEDDAR*
  6. slap another one of ur tortillas on there buddy
  7. have some lemonade&sweet tea over ice. pour it in a cup. watch ur quesadilla.
  8. get u a spatula
  9. use the spatula like a fly swatter. smack the quesadilla over and over again. my neck, my back-
  10. flip it over. repeat smacking. hit it good. it's been a naughty tortilla.
  11. it's ready! congrats!
  12. put it on a cute plate. slice into eighths.
  13. use a rly small separate bowl to stir together salsa and a dollop of sour cream. whip it good.
  14. you did it way to go