I Have Serious Beef With Steve Buscemi

  1. so I kind of feel bad
  2. he never did anything to me
  3. he never hurt me or anyone I know
  4. but I have a burning, flaming hatred in my heart for steve buscemi
  5. it began here with this post about governor buscemi that had me in TEARS
  6. and then there was this snickers commercial
  7. and suddenly I realized
  8. I hate him
  9. look at him
  10. I'm so frightened of him
  11. I don't think anything he does is funny
  12. he makes me sad and angry
  13. I'm upset with him
  14. if you love steve buscemi
  15. you just do you
  16. be yourself
  17. but im gonna be over here
  18. far, far away from steve buscemi